Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Snail's Pace

I think this little guy appeared to remind me that it's still summer and to sloooow down and enjoy what's left.

I have never seen a land snail in my garden before! I believe that this is an amber snail and I was worried that he? she? was going to eat my basil seedlings, but apparently they feed on microflora, fungi, algae, diatoms and other things that sound downright unappetizing. I'll stick with the basil.

It seems to me this is a good sign - that an amber snail should appear in my garden - the environment is balanced? But should a garden land snail appear, well, we might have the same tastes in food and that could be a problem.

There is an endangered species of amber snail in Chittenango, NY called the Chittenango Ovate Amber Snail. Who knew?

Happy trails little snail. I'll be sure to enjoy the last of this summer at a snail's pace.

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  1. I love this sentiment. I think we seldom stop to enjoy the season we are in the midst of. Instead we focus on the season to come. And so, I will slow down and enjoy what is left of this summer season :-)


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