Saturday, September 4, 2010

Garden at Singer Castle

Every two weeks I have been painting plein air with a local group of artists named PAPTIR (Plein Air Painters Thousand Islands Region). This past week we were privileged to paint on the grounds of Singer Castle on Dark Island.

It was very hot and all painters needed to find a location / viewpoint to paint from in the shade. Although I was inspired by the walled garden it would mean painting in the afternoon sun throughout the entire day. I opted for the front door. Throughout the day I heard the tour guides knock three times before entering to alert the ghosts that are believed to still live here.

For a small fortune you can spend the night here. Halloween night might be a fright. But imagine looking out from your castle window into the walled garden.

I was told that the woman who restored this garden uses only heirloom plantings. Luckily I was able to capture a few pictures before the last shuttle to the mainland left. The rocket larkspur (I am guessing) was particularly striking. I must add this to my garden! Verbena bonariensis, globe amaranth and dahlia 'Arab Queen' are my best guesses for the other beautiful highlighted blooms. Hummingbirds darted all about. It was enchanting as only a castle can be.


  1. Bricks and columns add so much to the character of any garden. In this one, the colors of the flowers complements that.

    Nice photographs.

  2. Cool to see another 'local' blogger and nice to see something so close to home.

    I spent a weekend there one winter when the only access was by airboat over the ice.

  3. WOW - absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful place to paint.

    Hope you're having a fabulous holiday weekend!

  4. What a beautiful place! The garden is really special with the backdrop of a castle. If I were a ghost, I might not want to leave, either!

  5. I find plein air to be so charming. Our group of p.a. painter's here puts on a benefit every year and I love to see their stuff. The grounds and castle are stunning. Nothing that grand to paint around here though.

    Christine in Alaska

  6. Dear Violetfern, I have plein air envy... what a lovely setting! I find it so interesting that many gardeners/bloggers are painters as well. I do love to paint but have a hard time doing much in the summer... September and October are great months for plein air... the immediacy of the information is so exciting. It is great you have a group. I find I need the support to get me going. This place might be a bit spooky on Halloween! On a Dark Island no less... Your photos are great! Several would make a lovely painting. ;>)

  7. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I believe our plein air group is up to the challenge of painting plein air through the winter! My watercolors may freeze - I might have to switch to pastels. Maybe we could take a fan boat over the ice to Singer Castle, wiseacre. How did you sleep over the weekend there?


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