Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's Blooming

Rain was forecast for today so I took a couple shots last evening - the last rays of the sun were too good to miss. Today was as promised - overcast, rainy. Also, we had our first frost last night. But these poppies still look as fresh as they did last evening.

 The mysterious moon flower ... I am not certain if this is a bloom in the making or a seed pod.

Even though it is in its first year, this Rudbeckia Maxima is sending out blooms - that's twice this season. Solidago 'Fireworks' surrounds it - also in its first year.

It seems to be quite popular. This particular Solidago branch seems to appeal to wasp-like pollinators.

Whereas this one is claimed by the bees.

The plumes of this Indian Grass took me by surprise - another plant in its first year,  I didn't expect it to bloom.

I swear I did not pinch, prune or pamper this Woods Aster out front, and look at it!

These annual (well, here anyway) Asters caught my eye and I chose them over Mums for the front porch this year.

The Cosmos just keep on going, and going, and going ...

Marigolds light up the potager - well, those that managed to compete with the Nasturtium this year.

And for desert, chocolate Joe Pye. A real late blooming treat in the woodland edge border come fall.

Bloom Day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens the 15th of each month. Visit Carol's blog and add your blog to the growing list of what's blooming.


  1. many excellent and interesting photos in your post... I've enjoyed visiting! L

  2. looks like you have some non-stop blooms over there!

  3. aloha,

    what a very nice tour of your garden this morning, i enjoyed the beautiful flowers and the photo with all the asters is very sweet :)

    thanks for sharing that with us

  4. Great that Aster by the path...gorgeous. I love the Chocolate Joe Pye...I kinda forget about it by midsummer, then when it blooms, I always smile :-)

  5. Hi TVF, lovely post. My favorite is the Californian poppy glowing. I also love the Insects, could almost hear the buzzing. Cheers, c.

  6. Beautiful show, I've never heard of the Chocolate Joe plant...interesting:) The Asters are gorgeous this year!

  7. I found out by accident this year, that California poppies are pretty frost tolerant. They are my new fave annual now! Your photos are great and I loved seeing what was blooming for you.

    Thanks for stopping by Dung Hoe.


  8. beautiful post! i love all the varieties.

  9. Thank you everyone! I also enjoy visiting your gardens and seeing what's blooming for you. I also love to discover new plants and hope you find some here for your garden as well. It's fun, isn't it?


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