Saturday, November 6, 2010

Daylight Leaves

Just as daylight savings time ends, so have the leaves left. I managed to freeze the leaves (in timeless photos) before Frosty Morning. As my garden grows, now at three years, I find I am rewarded with a little show of fall color and interest.

Cardinal Dogwood
Geranium and Evening Primrose (Oenothera)
Forsythia 'Meadowlark'
American Witch Hazel
Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Alice'
Snowball Hydrangea
Young Amur Maples with Red Osier Dogwood in background.
Pin Oak
The Witch Hazel I just planted this past spring from a bare root purchased at Prairie Moon. The Forsythia has grown from a cutting I took with me from Maine when we moved here. The Amur Maples showed up as seedlings in a window box I also brought with me from Maine! It is exciting to watch them all grow each year. The Pin Oak put on some weight this year, but nothing can compare to a beautiful, mature tree come fall. Following is a mature Pin Oak in nearby Grass Point State Park. Following that mature Oaks and Maples throughout the park.

Look at this carpet of leaves.
This Birch's branches and jewel leaves dance in the sunlight.


  1. Wonderful collection of leaves and stately tree trunks! This beautiful post certainly captures the essence of Autumn. ;>)

  2. I adore the autumn leaf colours. This year they have been particularly good in the UK

  3. What a wonderful collection of photos! I can almost smell that wonderful fall fragrance of fallen leaves. -Jean

  4. What beautiful foliage photos! Autumn has certainly arrived at your home.

  5. Gorgeous fall colours. And thanks for the info re the Pin Oak - spotted some of these beauties in a London park and wondered what they were.


  6. Great foliage! It was extremely windy in Boulder today and most of the leaves blew off the trees.

    It is good to get pictures of the leaves before they all blow away.
    I don't have any trees that produce a lot of leaves so I wait for other people to rake up their leaves and put them in bags. Then I swipe 'em for the garden.

  7. Beautiful colors! thanks for sharing

  8. Thank you! It is amazing that only a couple of weeks later the color has faded. The leaves are mostly gone. I see bags of leaves, piles of leaves, all around lawns in the village and I resist the urge to load them all up in my car and stuff them in my compost. My compost is rather full.


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