Monday, December 6, 2010

It's That Time of Year

... and my window boxes are decked out once again. Once again, I took a trip to our local dump for free greens. This year I have quite a combination with some cedar and blue spruce. I even lucked out with some beautiful juniper berry, but (sigh) no Winterberry once again. I will be planting some come spring but then I probably won't have the heart to cut some for myself. Maybe I'll find a big patch one day on a country road where there's enough for me and the birds. I've also been collecting some big pine cones and saving pine cone sprigs from wreathes, etc. so I tuck these in, too. And once again, I'm sure I'll find the blue jays' peanut stash come spring. Here's how they turned out.


I actually have two live blue star junipers in these baskets at our entry way that I will plant out front in Spring. (Underneath the moss is some bubble wrap which has successfully insulated mugo pines over the winter our first year here, so I'm thinking these will also be fine.)

This one rests on a marble table by our front door.
This one rests on a picnic table by our back door.
I've had this iron wall basket for years. I can't even remember where I purchased it but I would purchase it again! Come Christmas it greets our visitors at the back door with fresh greenery instead of a traditional wreath.

A classic cedar window box. I leave silver dusty miller among the greens.
Pine window box on my garden shed with metal dragon fly ornament.
Well, I hope this post leaves you in the spirit for a good window decking. Fa la la!


  1. How very festive they look. I really should do something but we are away over Christmas this year so I am struggling to motivate myself

  2. These are beautiful! i am planning to do something similar in a plantar that runs across the front of our house. I really like your wall basket hanging in place of a wreath.


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