Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's Growing

Things are sure getting off to a slow start this year with the wet spring we've had. It continues to rain. I have yet to plant four of my beds. Hopefully by the end of this Memorial Day weekend I can say otherwise. As you can see I have quite a few seedlings and plants still waiting to be planted.

Not sure if these "milk jug green houses" are more weeds than seeds right now but looks like I have a few good candidates, anyway.

This sad 'Brandywine' tomato seedling is missing the sun almost as much as me

Hope this brussels sprout takes off and doesn't float away.

Sweet 'lipstick' peppers, oh how I hope you grow. My hot peppers are still in a little green house made from salad containers. Better for them I think considering I ran the heat this morning.

I read that once you plant calendula, you will never have to buy seeds again. These are all 'Flashback' volunteers from last year. I have also read that if you want your calendula to stay true to form, you should buy seeds every year. We'll see how these look in bloom. I'll be eating the flowers in salads – when I get my lettuce mixes growing.

A very brave 'Easter Egg' radish seedling.

I will be digging up all of this horseradish this fall and only replanting only a few roots to keep it from taking over (I hope anyway, if it grows.)


Snap peas that I planted late March. Looking good and starting to climb.

The garlic is also looking good.

The perennial herbs, garlic and common chives and tarragon, are coming in okay although I'm sure they would appreciate a better draining soil right now.

My new blueberry bush looks promising and is guarded by our old chiminea that sadly cracked during a backyard fire last fall. I think the chiminea will age gracefully in the garden.

The rhubarb is taking off this year. It looked pretty sad last summer in its first year so I am happy to see it doing better.

The ever bearing strawberries are spreading nicely. I hope to have a few berries soon.

I better get to planting the rest of the potager and hopefully will be able to share more with you next month.


  1. Oh, I so enjoyed looking at your pictures. I can almost smell the soil. Spring does seem late this year but it looks like it will be worth the wait.

  2. Did you know you can eat the young leaves of the horseradish? Part of my very minimal leafy greens.

  3. Everything looks nice and lush. Especially the rhubarb. I still have lots of planting out to do. It's been such a cold, wet spring here in Washington state.


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