Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pollinators in Action

I had to stop a moment and watch with fascination pollinators in action in my front garden, particularly on my sea holly, 'Blue Glitter.' When I walked by, I couldn't believe the cloud of action surrounding this perennial. Wasps, which I believe to be Zethus spinipes, and several smaller flies and bees were zipping all about. I thought, hey, it would be cool to try to capture that on video! So, I tried to capture a small slice of the action with my camera. It is just over a minute and will not win any academy awards, but you can sense the flurry of activity.

Moving along I am always amused by the Wool Carder Bees. This is the second year they have claimed their own "condos" among the spires of Lamb's Ear and nearby Verbascum. They hover in mid air – their maneuvers worthy of a spot among the Blue Angels. When another bee invader comes too close, they ram into him to "bump" him away. This video may be a bit dizzying, but you can spot a "hover" or two and an attack.

I'll try to improve my video making skills (as in short and sweet), because I will attempt this again. It is very fun to capture these little garden moments in action. Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoyed.

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  1. I love the videos! You get so much more from them, I hear the crows and other birds in the background. Amazing bee activity.


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