Saturday, April 7, 2012


New beginnings. That is how I've always thought of Spring and Easter – as a time for new beginnings. What will this year bring? What will the garden bring this year? I walk the garden daily – tiny, new beginnings are hatching all around. The peas have sprouted. More bulbs are peeking up through the soil. The Dogwoods have tiny budding flowers. The Crabapples are going to open any day and from afar are now a pink haze. The ginger leaves are up, folded like a butterfly's wings. They are fuzzy and seem huge. I see my first Cabbage White wings catching the sun. I will be visiting family for Easter which I don't want to miss, but I hope I don't miss too much in the garden, either. Happy Easter!

Early Spring in the Bird & Butterfly Garden


  1. Happy Easter Kathy...My garden is so confused still and cold...hope you are staying warm for Easter!

  2. Happy Easter. I hope you have a great time with your family. Spring is such a wonderful time in the garden. Lovely picture.

  3. Happy spring! I can't keep up with it this year, everything is so out of sequence it seems but am enjoying it all the same. Love your driftwood sculpture.

  4. Lovely post: I love seeing the first cabbage white of the year, but from then on it's a constant battle to keep its caterpillars off my veg!


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