Friday, December 4, 2009

Old Friend

I spoke with an old, dear, true friend the other night. It was so great to talk with her. I hadn't spoken with her in a long time. She has also started a garden in her new home - which I've yet to see and must plan to visit soon. Her garden sounds beautiful. I miss her. I also miss my old garden in Maine - another old friend of mine that was dear - and unlike my friend, probably won't visit again. I wonder how it is doing ...

Has the baby clematis I planted grown up and overtaken this rustic trellis as planned? Did the nasturtium reseed itself and creep in? Have the foxglove advanced their magic purple towers?

A place in my heart still resides there, still in the woods, much like the dangling bleeding hearts that by now must hang heavy with overloaded branches.

Why didn't I take some of this irreplaceable iris?

Does this "lady" still spread her skirt to catch the morning dew?

Even with the excitement a new garden has to offer, thoughts of my old garden "pop up" from time to time. I hope the new care taker is indeed
taking care.

It was the first garden of mine in which I spotted a hummingbird moth,
and a green bee.

I suppose I am just "wining" like these 'snaps in wine.' I suppose we all have gardens we've left behind and that we think about now and then, or even try to recreate. We may have transplanted some parts of them in our new gardens just as we transplanted ourselves.

And I suppose we all have old, dear, true friends. Like the friend I should call more often and visit soon. Thyme is a short plant that creeps along the ground and before you know it, will take over.


  1. Lovely post..i enjoyed reading your story and commentary..and poetic thoughts!! I looove creeping thyme..I allow it to roam free! Wonderful post!! Lovely photos too!

  2. Your old garden was very beautiful. No wonder you miss it. I love my old garden too, but the new owner completely destroyed it :-(

  3. I am not sure that I want to see any of the old gardens that I have created over the years. I am sure no one would want to have every square inch devoted to plants like I do, and I am afraid that they ripped them out and returned it to lawn.
    Everytime I moved I was able to dig up and move some of my favourites until our last move. We were moving to Engand and not sure how long we would be living there. I so miss all my favourites in that garden!

  4. Thank you so much for your comments - and maybe you're right - I don't want to see what has happened to my old garden! How sad that your old garden was destroyed AZ. And I am so sorry you weren't able to bring any of your favorite plants with you to England Deborah. I know I made a list of all the plants I liked that I would try to acquire again. Like creeping thyme Kiki! Love it, too.

  5. At least you can revisit in photos and memory. Sometimes that works out for the best anyway. So nice to reconnect with old friends. I would be at a loss without all of my pals from childhood, they make it real for me when being grown up isn't fun anymore!

  6. That iris looks an awful lot like one of the first ones I planted in my garden -- maybe Ceasar or Ceasar's Brother? If you're serious about wishing you had taken some with you, let me know. I have it all over the place, and I could easily provide a division or two. -Jean


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