Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Spring Blooms 2010

Last year I marked on my calendar that my first crocus bloomed March 25. This year my first crocus bloomed March 17!

I love the brilliance of these white petals against 
the velvety leaves of the lamb's ears.

 Like drops of sunshine they pushed through the mulch and leaves.

Peek-a-boo through the thyme.

The bees found these first blooms among sedum angelina irresistible.

I love reticulated iris and so does this bee.

Each fall I will plant more and more bulbs. It sure makes for a wonderful surprise come a long awaited spring. This year I plan to add snowdrops, scilla, more crocus and reticulated iris.


  1. How great to be 8 days early this year! It is always interesting to see when plants begin to sprout/bloom. Your crocus are lovely :-)

  2. The lambs ear really does set the stage for the blooms! The iris sports a fantastic color combo that I can't resist!

  3. This year I am really noticing the fact that I don't have any crocuses planted in my garden -- something I intend to remedy. Thanks for sharing yours. -Jean

  4. Our winter lasted longer than usual here, which prevented premature blooming, then being zapped by late frosts. So that is a good thing. It is exciting to see those first buds and blooms!

  5. happy crocuses!! they are just such a perfect little bloom of joy to usher in spring. i love the mix with them against the sedum.

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed these blooms. I do need more crocus, more iris, more spring blooms ... more, more, more! Ha!


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