Monday, October 4, 2010

I have chickens!

My husband surprised me by giving me chickens! I had been stating for so long how I would like to try keeping chickens that he finally gave in. My real dream is to keep Guinea Fowl because they are just so cool. I came across a few on one of my paint excursions with PAPTIR at the Home Again Farm, not to mention Alpacas. Tell me it wouldn't be awesome to see some of these gals strutting around your garden? They even eat ticks!

Well, I am not sure what breed my husband gave to me, but they sure can hold a candle to Guinea Fowl. One of them looks like a Rooster to me and that could mean trouble. We are not actually allowed to raise and keep chickens here in the village so I sure do hope these bawking blokes keep quiet. I turned them loose in my garden. Tell me these scratchers aren't pretty to look at.

If anyone knows what breed they are, it would be greatly appreciated. Apparently they are extremely cold hardy and do not even need a coop! Boo-bawk! Hope you enjoyed - it is the month for tricks (and treats).


  1. What a terrific gift! I hope they are quiet for you or if not your neighbors enjoy their voices and calls. I know I would. I could not tell you what sort they are. Claire at Curbstone could though. ;>)

  2. beautiful chickens, and probably they'll hardly be any trouble (lol)

  3. Oh I love the newest additions to your family. They are so cute....I think they are much more stylish then their 'live' cousins. Don't you think?

  4. Just a follow up. My chickens are doing very well but I'm told not to expect any eggs. Boo hoo.


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