Monday, December 20, 2010

What's (Not) Growing

Well, this picture sums it up I think. I just read somewhere that by leaving your beans (legumes) to over winter, more nitrogen will be added to the soil. Too bad I didn't read that before I dug mine up. Marigolds and cilantro are over wintering, however, as I didn't get quite that far in my clean up. But I kept eating the cilantro right up until the first snow. Garlic is tucked in the third raised bed to the far left. A few parsnips are buried in the one far right. A few carrots, behind that. My chickens are doing really well despite the snow cover. This past season's worn out gloves wave hello. Someone thought it would be fun to dig one up as a Halloween trick but I wasn't scared.

Would you be?


  1. I think Mojo was trying to tell you there was still work to be done in the garden! The best thing about all that snow is that you really have to take a break and rest, just as your garden is doing. When I walked around my garden today, all sorts of chores were screaming out for attention. I'm thinking, Where's my snow?!

  2. Adorable photo of Mojo. Happy Winter Solstice and Blessings over this Holiday Season.

  3. Your dog is so adorable and full of mischief with that glove in his mouth! Dogs never think that it is too cold for a romp outside. I like your rustic arbor. It looks so pretty in your snow covered garden. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the new year!

  4. Looks like here - lots of snow and I'm wondering whats happening to my plants. We will just have to wait and see!

  5. Yeah, I used to pull my beans too! Still I composted them so most of the nitrogen ended up back in the soil. Nice blog! First time visitor and I will return.

  6. Thank you for commenting. Welcome Bill, thank you. At least I did put my beans in the compost! Mojo is still mischievous as ever. He loves the snow. Can you believe it warmed up here so that by New Year's Day the snow was gone and I pulled some carrots for dinner!?


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