Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's Blooming

I didn't realize how much is actually blooming right now in my garden. I guess I just see "what needs to be done." It was good to get away from that. Starting with the bird and butterfly garden ...

Husker's Red against Baptisia 'Prairie Blues'
Lady's Mantle against Cranesbill
Wild Daisies in the potager
Bulb, Camassia esculenta along the nice driveway
Achilla 'Coronation Gold' against Meadow Sage 'May Night' (nice driveway)
Pixie Cheddar Pinks Dianthus out front
Common Thyme against Lamb Ears out front
Thymus Alba just beginning to bud (out front)
Iris (unknown, from neighbor) out front
Coral Honeysuckle along the south side of house
Clematis, unknown, along the north side of house
Clematis 'Clair de Lune' along the north side of house
Columbines along the north side of house
Jacob's Ladder peeking through Hosta leaves (north side)
Lamium 'Orchid Frost' blooming beneath Blue Spruce in woodland edge
Cornus 'Cardinal' in woodland edge
Sweet Woodruff in woodland edge
Goat's Beard in woodland edge
Amsonia tabernaemontana 'Blue Ice' in woodland edge
Native Slender Blue Iris, Iris prismatica in woodland edge
Cinnamon Fern in woodland edge
Jack-n-the-Pulpit in woodland edge
So, there's the tour of what's blooming around my garden. Garden bloggers' bloom day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens the 15th of each month. Add your blog to the list so we can see what's blooming near you.


  1. Wow, they are so beautiful, it's a pity others are not coming over to see them! The photos are also lovely and i specifically appreciate those blue sages. I haven't seen blues that intense. I can imagine a lot of creatures are also there visiting your blooms, especially butterflies.

  2. Very nice! My Baptisia is nowhere near flowering. I love Amsonia, I find it so tough and resilient especially through our droughts the last couple of years.

  3. I wonder what it is about Lady's Mantel leaves that cause water droplets to sit like jewels? I just added the same smokey baptisia last summer. Thanks to your post I now I have a preview of it in flower. The honeysuckle's and clematis are especially pretty.

  4. Such lovely blooms! A great show for Bloom Day.

  5. Such beautiful combinations of plants--both in color and in texture! I garden in Zone 5, so we're somewhat ahead of you; my baptisia and iris have already stopped blooming. I love both of them, so it's so good to see yours in bloom. Your unknown clematis looks very similar to mine, which I think is a 'Nelly Moser.' But mine was mislabelled, so I could be wrong:)

  6. You sure do have quite a bit blooming...I see so many here that I just love.

  7. You certainly do have a lot of blooms... the unlabeled clematis especially lovely! L

  8. Each picture kept getting better and better! You have a lot blooming! Happy GBBD!

  9. Lovely the Baptisia...and the pairing of the Salvia with the Achillea...just lovely!

  10. the flowers are beautiful and you are right we don't always see what is blooming...I have been making it a habit to stroll the garden daily when i return home from work with camera in hand to catch the new blooms before they are gone...such a shame not to see them...wonderful post!!

  11. Nice garden, my favorites are the thyme.

  12. I do love Goatsbeard in bloom. (Mine is just starting to show buds, so it will be a while yet.) Iris prismatica is a new one to me; it's lovely. I also think the 'Blue Ice' amsonia is beautiful; I'm looking forward to adding that one to my garden. -Jean


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