Monday, December 12, 2011

What's Growing

I still like to wander outside and stroll through the garden, especially along the paths of the potager even though not much is happening. Today is cold but sunny. I notice the swiss chard has finally wilted but the broccoli rabe still looks edible. Sunflower stalks are still standing for the birds. The little snow we had has mostly melted. The ground is crunchy.

I harvested some of these carrots just last week for a favorite soup. I was able to clip some fresh thyme as well. The strawberries are red and green – colors of the season.

I was sure to plant lots of garlic. This time with space between rows for sowing lettuce come spring. I marked the rows with sticks and whatever I had on hand. Hopefully the garlic will deter any flea beetles from tasting my lettuce next year.

Inside I am trying to keep a few fresh herbs on my kitchen windowsill. This sill receives the best light in the house. So far, parsley, cilantro and basil are still growing. I usually reserve this spot for my two rosemary pots but this year they are on the kitchen table. I love to rub their leaves.

Beside the rosemary I am forcing paperwhites. Dirt still clings to their shoots. I am looking forward to their blooms and heavy fragrance.

I also have some in this fun pot I received as a gift. Hopefully this face will grow long, flowering hair. What a great gift idea for any gardener ... a beautiful pot and paperwhite bulbs.

This winter I hope to try my hand at sprouting – anything fresh. Let's see if sprouts will be on the menu by next month!


  1. we are too much post last week I talked about keeping herbs and spouting seeds etc...I will have to leave more veggies in the garden longer next year...I also planted lots of garlic and I hope to plant lettuce between the minds.

  2. I'm the same long as I can, I like to wander around the garden...checking things out. You are gonna be rolling in garlic next year!


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