Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's Blooming: Bee Balminess

Well, here it is Summer in full swing. Welcome to the jungle – busy buzzing, mad blossoming, balmy nights. Some plants are withering with lack of rain but overall the garden seems content.

A few surprises ... a floating water plant in a galvanized tub blooms, a Clematis bloom peeks through the wall of hydrangeas and grapevine.

The wall of Hydrangeas and Grapevine

In the Bird & Butterfly Garden Bee Balm, Shasta Daisies, Purple Coneflowers, Joe Pye Weed, and Summer Nights Oxeye Daisies dance together among grasses Morning Light and Dallas Blues.

In the Woodland Edge Cutleaf Coneflower and Cup Plant reach new heights.

Ligularia "The Rocket" (yellow spikes)

The orange blooms of Lilies and Jewelweed

Native Nodding Onion

The towering heights of Cutleaf Coneflower and Cup Plant

The foamy blooms of Meadow Rue and spires of Culver's Root

The pollinator border in the Potager overflows onto this path.

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue

Pepperbox Poppy

Cheers to you Nice Driveway! Hummingbirds float in a heavenly state of Bee Balminess.

Giant Coneflower Rudbeckia Maxima

Out front Allium sphaerocephalon poms replace the blooms of common chives, baskets of Begonias and herbs thrive.

Allium Sphaerocephalon

Volunteer Milkweeds

Russian Sage

Not-so-patiently waiting for the first bloom of Night Blooming Datura

Thank you Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day the 15th of each month.


  1. beware of that water hyacinth - beautiful but dangerous - don't let it anywhere near a natural pond. You will be able to 'walk on water'.

    1. Thanks for that tip Diana. I will be careful of this plant but doubt it could thrive here in the cold waters and freezing temps for long. I may try to overwinter some in my fishtank!

  2. Kathy we have many of the same flowers blooming except hydrangeas....or ligularia which have dried up in the drought we are having...I even harvested nodding onions to does seed itself all over. I hope to move a few out and about in the back to let them run free...I made the mistake of putting one plant in front.

    1. I just love plants that you can eat! Thanks for that. I hope mine do spread a little. This is their second year. My other ligularia, dentata 'Desdemona' Golden Ray, looks pretty sad - definitely needs more water.

      I forgot to mention I have an active Robin nest in the wall of Hydrangeas and Grapevine. I've been enjoying watching them fly in and out with bugs. Can't see much of the little ones, though.

  3. I am jealous you have upright plants not rain flattened soggy plants like us UK gardeners. Your coneflowers all look so wonderful

    1. Wouldn't it be great if we could trade half your rain for half our hot dry sun?

  4. Everything looks so lush and healthy! I am especially impressed with the gorgeous driveway.

  5. Kathy, I'm impressed by how much you have blooming in this hot, dry summer. I love the tall cut-leaf rudbeckia; I have a close relative, Rudbeckia x 'Herbstsonne' that is just beginning to bloom. I am bewitched by the colors of the water hyacinth and took multiple photos of the same species on my last visit to the Montreal Botanical Gardens. -Jean

  6. Lovely. The yellow and white photo is especially nice, so cheerful. I also love the alliums.

  7. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love, love, love your garden...the volunteers make it even better!


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