Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Thankful Garden

Before we moved here I resold or gave away many holiday decorations. I kept only what was special to me. A way of living with less is something I strive for. Each year, instead of purchasing more decor, I try to turn to what I have and what won't be wasteful. I turn to my garden for many things; solitude, peace, retreat, nature, food, joy and celebration. The garden is always celebrating in season. Spring blooms, Summer blooms, its Fall display, all naturally, simply, breathtakingly beautiful.

Yellow Twig Dogwood leaf in the garden

With a few cuttings brought into the house I feel in spirit with this holiday celebration and in spirit with my garden and the earth.

A butternut squash (which will be eaten) wrapped in grapevine adorns the table. The pumpkin vase is filled with the cuttings of Karl Forester grass blooms (which will be returned to the garden).


A few colorful leaf cuttings from the Forsythia (strategic pruning) look pretty in this Roseville vase. My husband used to collect Roseville pottery. Its range of colors and style can match everyday or a holiday.


Another Roseville vase filled with Birch branches (collected from the dump).


More grapevine (there is plenty to prune) wraps a hurricane candle.


I am so thankful for my garden. Its physical demands drain me of all living frustration. My garden thanks me. Its beauty forces me to be still and wonder. I bring its beauty indoors to celebrate. We also feast most evenings from the Potager which graces our table with the freshest and tastiest food. My garden celebrates and shares with me little moments each day and for that I am very thankful.

How does your garden thank you? What does it give to you? What elements of your garden do you bring indoors to decorate and celebrate?


  1. my vases are in the cupboard, you prompt me to replenish them tomorrow.

  2. I need to do more with bringing in the garden. For now I bring in herbs that I grow all winter indoors that keep on giving. Happy Thanksgiving

  3. A garden that can provide bounty in all four seasons is a gift. Thank you for the inspiration to go out and see what is waiting in my garden.

  4. I just brought in sprigs of lavender that were still growing before the first frost. We enjoyed their beauty and scent for a whole week. Your pictures are beautiful and your ideas are very creative. I fully believe that less is more!


Thank you for joining me in my garden in the making!

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