Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things Are Looking A Little Seedy Around Here

This is how I save seeds. I call it my "seed tray." Every year late summer until first frost I pluck a few from the garden and throw them in here to dry out. These are some from this year: sunflower, zinnias, marigolds, love lies bleeding, mallow, beans, peas ...

Here's one from years past.

Although this method has worked for me just fine, this year I am taking it one step further - I'm actually storing my seeds more properly in this nifty Michael's special box that I keep on my library shelf. I found these cool little bags at work and took them for myself. I have one of these boxes for all my plant tags, too. (Maybe I have a sickness.)

Truthfully, I was inspired by Patti - a woman I've met since moving here who gave me these lovely seeds. It was one of the best things I have ever received. She enclosed all the seeds in these little envelopes with custom labels and wrapped them in homemade wrapping paper printed with pictures of her garden. To me, she represents the true spirit of gardening.

And this is what bloomed from that spirit ...




Sunflower (from what she labeled "Fancy Sunflower Mix")


  1. What beautiful flowers! I love how your friend packaged her seeds. That is a great idea.

  2. that is such an awesome post. i love the seed packages, but i especially love seeding the result of those seeds. the sunflower in particular is stunning.
    this was the first summer where i had to stop myself from harvesting any more black-eyed susan seed heads. to say that they have run amok this summer would be a vast understated.

  3. I love the idea of wrapping the seed packets in prints from her garden. What a great idea!

  4. Very pretty seed packets and cute idea. The flowers are all so pretty. I'm saving some seeds too. This is the first year I've saved more than just Columbines.

  5. You are so organized! Great idea...I will try it.

  6. You are better organized than me. Good for you!
    Those boxes look pretty good! I love the blooms, especially the sunflower!

  7. Thank you so much for all your comments. If I can be organized, anyone can believe me! I think giving and receiving seeds in this way is such a nice gift - or lift - for a friend, a new gardener, or a young bud.


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