Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let's See A Show of Hands

Now that the weather is turning here in the North Country, the hands are drying up and becoming chapped.

(photo taken from Burt's Bees web site burtsbees.com)

My favorite remedy has always been Burt's Bees A Farmer's Friend Hand Salve. It works especially well in the summer after a long day in the dirt, too. A little gooey going on but after several minutes it absorbs well.

I have also read good reviews about Badger Balms. I think I just have to try their healing balm that is certified organic. I prefer natural products just as I prefer a natural garden.
(photo taken from Badger's web site badgerbalm.com)

Both would make for great stocking stuffers. Let's see a show of hands - what is your favorite remedy?


  1. Hello my Violet cohort,
    I can't count the various tins of salve I've gone through to protect my hands. If you can believe it, I've had to start using disposable surgical gloves when I garden. The skin on my fingers began to crack and would not heal. Really don't know if it was something in the soil, or an allergy but after a long period of struggle, my solution was to moisturize & use gloves that act like a second layer of skin.
    btw, I found a lovely lavender balm at a winery garden shop. At night I apply it for a bit of aromatherapy ;~)

  2. I think my favorite salve...is an oil, sesame. I rub it on after a hot bath and it
    is ohhh so soothing, and my loving spouse says
    it makes me smell like Indian food. I'll take that.

  3. Hi!
    Yes, I know I am supposed to be on a bloggin sabbatical but I couldn't help voice up.
    I like the unscented aveeno with a various assortment of Essential oils thrown in for good smelling epidermis. I like grapefruit EO and Lavender. It doesn't sting like some of brands out there I thought were supposed to be superior but caused great pain!

  4. Hello,
    I know this will sound gross, but Vaseline and cotton gloves works wonders overnight. But, I just can't seem to bring my self to do this, so I use whatever is on sale, as long as it is thick, creamy and smells good. **I used to have the golf course mechanics come by my office in the winter sometimes to borrow some of my smelly lotion for their hands.

  5. HI: You did it. Now when we come to visit we can say Hi or whatever else we want to say. Enjoyed the visit, nice blog.

    Have a good evening,

  6. I will go along with your choices both very good and have worked on my hands and feet. I like Hauschka rose cream and oil too ... but oh has it gotten so expensive. Great ideas for stocking stuffers.

  7. I'm a nurse as well as a gardener, about the worse combination for the hands you can come up with. At work I have to constantly clean my hands with an alcohol based product, then I come home to garden! The best product I ever used was a gift Lou once gave me that was a combination of olive oil and Dead Sea salts, along with some other magic ingredients. It came from Israel, and unfortunately I haven't found it locally.

  8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Burts Bees! The hand salve is in my car, in my desk at work, and next to my night stand! I can't get enough of it! I'm kinda addicted to the rest of their products too, but the hand salve is a MUST!

  9. You know, right now I actually have the Bert's Bees Hand Salve pictured - because I LOVE Bert's Bees products - especially the lip balm. BUT, my favorite hand treatment has got to be Bag Balm. I think I like it because it's simple and it's what I grew up with.

  10. My hands are insanely chapped right now. I've been going through every lotion in the house as I try to find something decent. Even tried mixing up a few things myself but nothing has worked so far. Argh :)

  11. I have to say, I make my own and it is really good for my hands. It's all natural, and is a combination of Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, vitamin E and Lavender Essential Oil. I stopped using a lot of the other lotions and creams because of allergies. My friends and others that I give it to think that is is wonderful for really chapped hands, feet and their cuticles. Kathy

  12. Thank you all for showing your hands and remedies ... hopefully some of you found new treatments to try - I know there are some here that I want to try. There is one more treatment that I forgot to mention - go SOUTH for awhile - visit a nice warm, HUMID, tropical environment. That should treat more than just the hands, eh?

  13. Just an update, I have a new favorite! It is Gardener's Salve with Carrot Oil by Purple Prairie.


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