Saturday, August 13, 2011

Going Native: Culver's Root

I love the tall candelabra-like spikes of Culver's Root, Veronicastrum Virginicum. This was a plant I did have in my Maine garden and that I am now happy to have again in my NY garden. It adds a beautiful heightened architecture to any perennial bed adapting to both part shade and full sun and a range of soils. This plant is now part of my woodland edge border and as you can see, has flowered in its first year from a bare root planting this past spring. The flower spikes can take on a purple/lavender hue. Mine seems to be more white at this time. The leaves are interesting as well – dark-green in whorls around an erect stem. Culver's Root can grow up to 5 feet tall.

If you are looking to add tall spikes of flowers to your perennial bed, consider our native Culver's Root. It is attractive in the border as well as to a wide range of pollinators.


  1. How lovely and I love it too Violet Fern. I have it just getting established in my jungle and it has a mauve hue. Love your painting!!

  2. I love culver's root, in my yard it attracts some really interesting bees and other insects.

  3. I love very graceful and elegant! I have 2 varieties 'Fascination' , which is lavender and 'Alba', which is, of course, white! Love them both!


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