Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Project: Projects!

My apologies for not offering you a project for the month of July. The truth is we are overwhelmed with projects! Our biggest ongoing project is our new back porch. We hired professionals to help with this project. First we needed to get rid of the existing back deck. I also had to move any plants I wanted to save beforehand, but I am hoping that the new structure will put a serious dent in the Bishop's Weed – although I have visions of it growing right up through the floor!

Existing back deck early spring.
Digging up plants.

We had to apply for a variance with the village so we could make the new structure the full width of the back of our house. This sign sat in our yard for a few weeks.

The back deck was surprisingly gone within just a couple of hours!

Then, the professionals took over and the new structure began to take shape.

Now that we have a nice square frame, insulated floor, and properly attached roof, we will be doing some of the work ourselves ... finishing up the steps and roofing, adding a paved pathway and constructing a half wall. For now we will add screening, but eventually this will be a four-season room with a tiled floor, sliding door and real windows. It is an exciting addition with a view of the garden.

Then, the neighbors decided that the half Box Elder we left needed to go ...

The stump will eventually be gone. What a mess this area of the garden is (and what a perfect view into and out of the windows of this neighboring apartment – eek!), but I have to look at it as an opportunity (and another project). Just to the left unseen in this picture is a Blue Spruce which will fill out nicely with more sun. The Dogwood and Oakleaf Hydrangea should also fill out more. Then, I came across a Fernspray Cypress. It is not native but is a beautiful evergreen that will fit this space perfectly topping out at 10' tall by 4' wide. I also plan to build yet another rustic trellis-type structure as a garden feature. I think I will plant a native clematis to grow up it. Hopefully I will be able to share my progress.

Then there is the never ending fence project that will eventually have to end soon once we reach the back of our property ... and look, more "opportunity" for more garden!

Finally, there is my new rain barrel capable of holding up to 75 gallons of water once installed.

I think all these projects will pay off. What about you? What projects do you have going on in your garden? You probably don't need an additional project from me!


  1. The new porch looks great and it fits with the architecture of your house so nicely! Can't wait to see it all finished.

  2. What a nice addition to the house this is going to be. We need to revamp our back porch but in our case we need to add a foundation. The scale of such an undertaking means that we keep putting it off.
    I always admire the rustic trellis supports in your vegetable garden. Your raised beds look like they are doing great. They put my bunny-chewed ones to shame.

  3. That new porch will be lovely, nice and big too. Enjoy it!


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