Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Bee and Butterfly

The grackles are gone. I am keeping my humming bird feeders full but their visits are less frantic and less frequent. Last year I wrote on my calendar that by the 12th of September they had left. It is much cooler and leaves are beginning to collect on the ground. I meant to post this short video at some point and I think now is a good time. Just a moment to remember the bee and butterfly. Here, a White Admiral Butterfly and Bumblebee enjoying Joe Pye Weed.

The Bee and Butterfly


  1. There seems to be a lot of Grackles this year. I stopped putting bird seed out too for a while due to the Grackles and Crows.

    I can hear the Grackles in your bee video.

  2. Fun! I love the contrast to the way each harvests nectar . . . and pollen too. I have not seen an Admiral this year. I am watching a hummer going to and from fading hosta blooms. They will be leaving here soon.


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