Friday, September 9, 2011

The Setting Sun

Fall officially begins in just two short weeks but here, summer blazes on. After a small dip in temperatures and a few cloudy days, a sunny 80° is once again in the forecast. But even perfect weather cannot hide the fact that the days are growing shorter. The sun may be setting sooner but it is putting on a spectacular show, even through the clouds.

I was blessed to enjoy this sunset on the river along with friends and family aboard The Muskie, a classic wooden boat. These beautiful boats are always a welcome site on the St. Lawrence River and really, nothing else rides the river quite like them. If you find yourself in this area I would highly recommend taking in the fantastic sites along the river aboard The Muskie (with wonderful, knowledgeable Captain Jeff), or from the Antique Boat Museum.

A extraordinary summer finale.


  1. What can I say, just beautiful, beautiful, images.

  2. Glad to see, all's right with the world. The warning is gone!

  3. Skies look so beautiful, you'd think they were enhanced by photoshop. But they're absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The river is known for its spectacular sunsets ... perhaps the cooler air, water? I try not to take them for granted. I featured this one here to remind myself of how beautiful and blessed it is to witness one of these sunsets on the river in the here and now and am so happy to share it with you. Though I do have an older version of Photoshop, I never enhance my photos aside from auto adjusting curves and sometimes auto color. I strive to learn/become a better photographer and consider it "cheating" to alter a photo. I never use a flash and really try to gauge natural light. I consider some watercolor techniques cheating also and strive there as well to keep it pure and simple. These photos actually captured the sunset better than I had hoped, especially with my camera. To truly appreciate, I really recommend a visit to the area and seeing one of these sunsets for yourself!

  5. Beautiful sky paintings Kathy! Must be wonderful and peaceful on the river at that hour. Thank you for your kind words of support! Carol

  6. What great images of the river and sunset, such an interesting and unique view you have.

  7. Fall is definitely in the air despite the warm afternoons. Mornings are crisp and cold. What a beautiful sunset you have captured in these photographs. I would have loved to have been there.


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