Thursday, December 1, 2011

Project: Winter Boxes

Each year I arrange my outdoor containers with greens for the holidays and throughout the long days of Winter. This year is no exception.

Once again, I cut the bulk of my greens at our local dump where large limbs of pruned or taken down trees wait to be chipped into mulch. Very inexpensive.

This year I also drew inspiration from the garden. Seed heads of Sunflower, Black Eyed Susan, Sea Holly, and dried Hydrangea blooms add to the arrangements. I also looked to nature. Red Staghorn Sumac, branches, Pine Cones and Milkweed Pods are tucked in among the greenery.

A basket on our new back porch steps. (The greenboard makes for a festive backdrop. Hopefully by next year we will have permanent siding.) An old, twisted root winds its way through this arrangement.

I stick my greens right into dirt and then water them generously. If the dirt is frozen, I bring the containers indoors to defrost. Sometimes an old screwdriver helps to make a "planting hole." This incredibly warm Fall, I did not have to worry.

This year, I placed Summer containers throughout the garden so I also decided to create some Winter containers throughout the garden. The greenery will be welcome once the snow begins to fall.

This basket takes the place of ceramic bird bath tray.

These containers were filled with flowers but now they are green. The birds are enjoying the seed heads.

The window box to the shed.

A cedar box and galvanized tub on the front porch.

The matching baskets on our front steps with Milkweed Pods. If those seeds spread around the neighborhood and Milkweed pops up, oh well, the Monarchs will appreciate them.

I love the fuzzy antler-like stem of the Staghorn Sumac.

A few lighted grapevines, a Hemlock wreath on our front door made by our neighbor, and candle lights in the windows are the extent of my outdoor holiday decor. Inside, I am forcing Paper Whites, something I have not done in years. The anticipation lifts my spirits.

How do you deck your garden for the holidays?


  1. You have a great eye for this, very well done!

  2. Kathy,
    These look great, I love you have incorporated plants from your garden - the milkweed pods are wonderful.

  3. Kathy, I just love your blog. You have done an excellent job organizing your garden into zones that are also reflected in links on your blog. I love seeing the progress over the years for each individual area. You have a keen eye that is also reflected in your photography. Super job with your holiday Winter Boxes! Each one is truly a work of art. I’ll be visiting your blog often.

  4. Dear Violet Fern, These are so lovely and festive for this season of bringing in bits of the forest. Wonderfully wild. Happy Holiday Season to you and yours. I am sure you will have lots of fairies visiting them.

  5. Kathy I used to decorate the garden but stopped. But now I will be rethinking bringing in so many containers...I will have to leave a few and decorate a bit...these are great ideas and so lovely...I do not have any tall enough evergreens yet so I will improvise next year...

  6. I like your all natural approach to garden containers. I usually put some fake red berries in my containers, but this year for some unknown reason I am having a problem with the fact that they are so artificial. I have a few stems that look almost real, but many of the rest are no longer pleasing me. I think I might take some inspiration in what you have done with your containers.


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