Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Project: Painted Herb Recipe Pots

While mulling over gift ideas for Mother's Day, spring birthdays and summer kick offs, I came across a few potted herbs that included a recipe on their plant ID tags. I thought bon appetit!, what a great idea. I picked up a few inexpensive terra cotta pots and sketched out a rough idea of how I would illustrate the recipes on the pots.

Mother of Mojito Mint! Basil and Oregano – classic pizza herbs and I have a sister and brother-in-law who grill a mean pizza! Lavender infused honey – I do have a honey of a niece.

Once again I turned to my stockpile of inexpensive craft paints. A little water, a few old brushes and I set to work. It was great fun to see these recipes come to life.

Limes and bees and pizza slices, oh my. Just a few finishing touches and a coat or two of polycrylic and we're finis! Potted up these make a one-of-a-kind gift that can be placed inside or out and reused each year.

Or maybe you would like to create one or two for your very own deck or balcony. Salad mixes, dill pickle pots, strawberry pie pots, mosquito repellent pots, chamomile tea pots ... so many possibilities. For more painted pot ideas also see my previous post Project: Painted Pots.


  1. What a clever idea...and you reminded me that anytime I'm out weeding the herb garden, the mingled scent of all those herbs makes me ravenous for pizza!

  2. A fabulous idea...You really could sell these Kathy and you know I would be buying a few....maybe I need to try a few too!! You do inspire me.

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  4. Kathy, these are the cutest pots ever! I hope you don't mind if I pinch the idea! You're right, they make adorable gifts ;)

  5. Hi Kathy, these are the best kind of presents, inexpensive, creative - brilliant! I love the mauve look of the blog, and the June poem. cheers, cm


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