Friday, June 15, 2012

What's Blooming: Black Lace and Roses

So much is going on in the garden that I fear I have missed a glorious moment or two. I still have plants to get into the ground and the days seem to whir by like dragonflies ... are those dragonflies already out prowling the garden? Yes, they are! And evenings seem to sparkle ... yes, those are fireflies! The Catbird has finally come out of hiding and I watch him hop about the Potager. He even dares to perch on a trellis and study me. It's mid June, and time to pause, sit in the garden instead of running around frantically with my shovel leading the way.

Out front chives are cheering like pom poms and Sambucus Black Lace is revealing her best show ever.

Sambucus Black Lace

Clematis are creeping and peeping from corners along the drive. My native clematis, Virginiana were coming up nicely until Mr. Rabbit ... well actually it must be Mrs. because now there are little rabbits hopping about! ... decided they would make a tasty salad. I have wrapped them so that they can hopefully, reestablish themselves.

Clematis Claire de Lune

Clematis Rooguchi

This year I am enjoying the changing palettes of the garden – pinks and purples, blues and yellows.

Spiderwort, Tradescantia Osprey

Yellow Evening Primrose with Cranesbill

The foamy yellow flowers of Lady's Mantle

Blue Flag Iris

Amsonias with golden Creeping Jenny

Overnight, my swamp rose burst into bloom and surprise!, this year a neighboring rose that was on our property line decided to creep under our new fence and join us.

Swamp Rose, Rosa palustris

The flowering raspberry bushes, Rubus odoratus, that the Rabbit seemed to enjoy dining on so much this winter are bigger than ever in spite of all my worries. Their blooms resemble wild roses. Their leaves are big and beautiful.

Thank you Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day the 15th of each month.


  1. You really have a pretty Tradescantia. Mine is the reddish purple and it just got removed from my front beds because it was taking over the garden. Is Osprey better behaved? Right now my Spiderwort is living in a container awaiting me to figure out a better location for it. You said you did a painting of the lilac trees, and I would like to see it. Where would I find that on your site?

    1. Hi GWGT - I did not actually paint the lilac trees that day. I did an oil pastel of a Milkweed. You can see most of my paintings at I also have cards of my paintings available through Cafe Press and there is a link on my blog to the right. Thanks!

  2. I love hearing about the Catbird. We have one in the northeast part of our yard that loves to skulk around in the shrubs. When we lived in Maryland the catbirds seemed extra tame, one would follow me around the garden so I started throwing grubs to it. He gobbled them up and came in closer for more.

  3. Catbirds just showed themselves this week with the wrens. Love all your blooms which are show stoppers further S here too...the clematis and roses lovely. I am planting out 3 swamp roses this weekend. Happy GBBD Kathy!

    1. Wonderful Donna! The bees will love the swamp rose. Birds should love the hips.

  4. That black lace is all a girl could ever want. Lovely.

  5. Everything looks lovely in spite of those hungry little rabbits. Love the black lace!

  6. I love that black lace along with the silver foliage plants and purple pom poms! What a great color combination. And the clematis Rooguchi is one of the prettiest I've ever seen!

  7. Sambucus Black Lace is a stunner. I have chive pom-poms, too. Mine are just starting to transition from flowers to seed-heads; and even though I tell myself every year that I'll dead-head them before they go to seed, I never do -- so there will be even more chive pom-poms next year! Those tradescantia are looking well established and totally at home in your garden. :-) -Jean

  8. I really like swamp rose. Your plant combinations are lovely.

  9. I have long admired the Black Lace sambuca - your combinations are lovely! Hoorah for the swamp rose creeping in instead of being crowded out!


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