Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bloom Day: November, 2009

This is my first Bloom Day! Bloom day is hosted (and created by) Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Every month on the 15th bloggers share pictures of what is blooming in their gardens.

Not much blooms in North Country this time of year. But it has been a spectacular Fall and I am just thankful we are not under snow cover yet - as we usually are! Most of my blooms have faded but are still standing, and a few brave ones are still blooming - incredible. I usually do not "clean up" until early Spring so the birds can enjoy the seeds, and the bugs the cover, during the winter. I still find the faded blooms beautiful and the color of leaves "bloom" in their own right. Here's a tour of what's "blooming" in my garden.

Christmas Cactus (Indoors)

Switch Grass 'Dallas Blues'

Agastache 'Golden Jubilee'

Cornelian Cherry (Cornus Mas)

Evening Primrose



Sedum 'Blue Spruce'


Lettuce Mix




Black Lace


Mt. Bluet

Cone Flowers (Eaten by birds)

The last Oak Leaf


  1. The red leaves are so pretty, love that last Oak leaf with the blue sky. Isn't it great finding blooms in November?

  2. very good post, VF! I love that Mt. Bluet. We don't grow it here.

  3. Your Christmas Cactus is beautiful!

  4. So many different colors and textures. You have a beautiful November garden.

  5. I don't have much blooming in my garden either. Broccoli and maybe, strangely enough, dephinium - they never have a second wind, but this year was rather cool. I appreciate that you see the beauty in the seed heads. I feel that they are my winter blooms and I leave many of them over the winter to enjoy.

  6. Everything, even the tattered leaf, is still pretty. Good job!

  7. I especially like the dead flowers and the leaves. They are the flowers for you this time of year.

  8. Beautiful. The birds must love your yard. I let all my plants/flowers go to seed too. I enjoy the last bit of color the red/orange/yellow leaves provide before my garden turns into a dirt pile.

  9. There are some surprises here - snapdragon, honeysuckle! I love the pick of coneflowers too! The last one looks like a painting! Happy 1st GBBD!

  10. Thank you so much for all your comments. I had a lot of fun really looking at my garden for "blooms." I think this is a great group to participate in. The snapdragon and honeysuckle are a surprise - still blooming! And it's great to know that more of you find beauty in seed heads! The Christmas cactus has finally adjusted to the move and has a lot of blooms this year. Thanks again.


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