Monday, November 9, 2009

Leaf Study

This past weekend I spent with my house plants (which I admittedly tend to neglect during the summer gardening season). Some received new pots, some were topped off, most received some organic slow release fertilizer and some were relocated (upon request - they do talk). It takes me awhile to find the perfect spot for all my houseplants. Hopefully, all will be a little happier. We'll see what they say. Anyway, during this major project I could not help but notice their different leaf structures and I wanted to capture that here. It's not always all about flowers.

The soft, grass-like blades of the Spider Plant,

compared to the stiff spikes of the Pineapple
(yes, the one I started from the grocery store),

compared to the even larger saw toothed leaves of the Aloe.

This variety - I am not sure of the name - has beautiful, lizard-like stripes.

There's the cactus with its hair-like, but sharp, spined ribs.

This one is much taller and "snakes" its way upward.

Even sharper yet, is the Crown of Thorns silhouetted here.

There are rounded, "fleshy" leaves such as the ones
belonging to this succulent in a foamy sea green,

and the emerald green leaves of the Jade Plant.

I have plants with needle-like leaves such as this Rosemary,

and this Creeping Rosemary,

and truly needled Norfolk Pine.

I have plants with "designer" leaves such as this Begonia.

This one looks "frosted."

Look at the mottling on the leaves of this Slipper Orchid,

compared to the green, rabbit-ear-like leaves of this Slipper Orchid.

This orchid is producing not just leaves, but kikis (baby orchid plants)!

Look at the large, broad leaf on this Moth Orchid.
It is striking next to the aerial roots.

Look at the lines of this Plumeria leaf - so sleek.

This Violet should "leave" you all warm and fuzzy.

(Would it surprise you to know that we had to rent a separate truck to move here just for my plants?)


  1. I agree that we often overlook the beauty of leaves when plants are in flower. I love your succulents!

  2. Hi,
    I can't believe your husband lived in Ned. Did he like it?
    I am getting ready to do a post on my houseplants, although they are miniscule in comparison to the variety you have managed to keep thriving!
    Are you totally serious about the truck? Because you are blowing my mind. :)

  3. I believe it about the truck. When we moved here, my husband made 3 trips with a 40' trailer, loaded with plants every trip. Then we moved the furniture. LOL

    I love this post about the leaves.

  4. I love your focus on leaves. They have such character and beauty without the flowers. You have such good-looking house plants.

  5. My husband killed me last time we moved...we dug everything up out of the ground that I wanted...then filled in the holes in the yard. Of course the next thing to do is water the newly potted plants right? I mean we just dug them up out of the ground...this is just logical! The water weighed all the pots down and made it harder to lift them and move them on/off the trailer. He was not very happy with me! (we were only moving about 30 minutes away...the water really could have waited.) ooops!

  6. You have a really nice collection of house plants. Each winter I try to do better in taking care of mine. Seeing all of yours makes me want to try some new ones.
    If we ever move I already told my husband we're taking a lot of plants with us.

  7. Thank you all very much for your comments! Yes, Big Bern loved Ned and so do I. We still have some friends that way and hope to make a visit. My house plants are so flattered. These comments should make them so happy! Even though I didn't water the plants when we moved, Mad, I left a lot of my plant trays under the pots during the move - they all cracked. Catherine - take note - ha.


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