Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gobbly Gook

Gobbly gook translated: bad photos of wild turkeys at Grass Point State Park. I just happened across these wild turkeys yesterday. They were not cooperative, in fact, downright elusive, the moment I slowed down to take their photos - they "melted" into the woods - eerily stealth-like. We all know why - can't blame 'em.

"You turkey! Now all I have is bad photos!"

I think these guys will avoid the Thanksgiving dinner table.

On the "iridescent" side (as in very bright), I found a beautiful turkey feather! I added this to my little collection in my shed - feathers, cocoons, honeycomb, pine cones, etc. To my dismay, the next day my turkey feather was gone! I searched the shed and found the tip on the floor. Hmmmm, a squirrel (?), seems to have bit off the downy feathers - can't say I blame 'im - would make for a very warm winter nest. At least I was left the beautiful, iridescent finale which I have attempted to capture - not quite succefully - in these photos.

But just look at the detail - okay, maybe not so much (bad) detail - but how the color changes in the light. It is truly a gift from nature that I am thankful for - even if it's been bitten in half.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving - quaint, peaceful, quiet - in a sense of place close to your family and friends and among natures' gifts.


  1. I never have any luck trying to get photos of the turkeys that hang out at my house, either. I love the feathers. -Jean

  2. Funny thing about those wild turkeys, we could always hear them but never see them clearly.

    But they sure did a lot of damage to our brand new vehicle at the farm. Turkeys loved to roost on top of our truck.

    We still have the scratches.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. I rather like your turkey photo . . . especially the first one. It is true that the light will change the feather colors . . . a beautiful detail of nature you are so right to be thankful for. I am too! I hope you had a lovely day.

  4. Hi Kathy, I like the turkey photo and like the sound of your nature collection. cheers, catmint

  5. Very elusive creatures those turkeys. I hope they escaped the hunting. I like the feathers.


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