Thursday, November 18, 2010

What's (Still) Growing

If only I had that hoop house up as planned! (Sigh.) It will have to be another day. Regardless, I am still harvesting from the garden. The swiss chard is just non-stop. Though slightly damaged by heavy frosts, the leaves underneath are still as crisp and tasty as ever.

Peek-a-boo carrots, I see you. Will still be using these for soups even if snow falls.

I still have several good dinners of brussel sprouts. I think I will be picking the remainder of these in the next few days, however, before the snow falls.

There may be a parsnip under here! The nasturtium-gone-wild sort of took over and shaded the parsnips. But after several heavy frosts, the nasturtium is now compost and a few parsnip surprises were uncovered.

I just love arugula. I wonder if this will survive the first few snows? I'll keep on eating it as long as it keeps on keeping on.

Hmmm, it might be nice to have some sunflower seeds for snacking. Did the birds leave me anything?

Luckily, I picked all my green tomatoes before the heavy frosts. I was going to keep them in paper bags or newspaper - something I read somewhere - to see if they'd ripen in the cellar. But they never quite got as far as a bowl on the counter. They began turning red anyway and I thought I should take a picture before I ate them all. They taste just as fresh as ever. Ah, there were more ... sort of reminds me of Christmas.

Can you believe my neighbor is already all lit up for Christmas? What happened to Thanksgiving?


  1. I try not to be jealous but i cannot help it here! I hear you with the sigh of wanting a hoop house. I sigh that I do not have a fenced in area so the rabbits and now at this time of year deer do not eat every veggie I plant. Your chard looks so yummy!! Great photos too. ;>)

  2. Your vegetables look great! Love the red colors on those leaves. And those tomatoes look tasty.

  3. Still lots of eat then. I hope my allotment is as productive this time next year - just bare soil at the moment. The idea of crop planning is giving me a headache!!

  4. Great looking veggies for so late in the season! i have never eaten swiss chard, but yours is so pretty! Yes, it is sad that thanksgiving has become merely the kick-off for Christmas. I love Christmas, but Thanksgiving is also very special.

  5. Your vegetables look delicious!
    True confession. I have never eaten swiss chard! My mother was the most conservative of cooks and never served it. As an adult, I have often admired it in the grocery store.
    Recently, I have started to be braver and branch out and try new vegies. By way of example, I discovered the lovely fresh licorice taste of fennel this past spring. Perhaps swiss chard should be my next experiment!
    Have a great weekend. Jennifer

  6. Well, the swiss chard does not like 20° weather. I just ate some sauteed with some peppers and mushrooms over pasta - for the last time this season. (It really tastes great with bacon - what doesn't taste great with bacon?) I hope you do try swiss chard - even if you don't, it is still a beautiful plant to mix in with your perennials! I am not very successful at rotation planting - yet. It can be overwhelming and headache producing trying to figure everything out - but so worth it! I remember reading an article about a garden in deer country that was completely "caged" in sort of a big box made with wood framing and fencing wire - tastefully done. It had a latched door for maintenance and harvesting by the owner - not the critters. I think a beautiful green house would also work!

  7. Parsnips and brussel sprouts get sweeter with a nip of frost.One year I had a huge row of parsnips and instead of a gentle frost we had 11 inches of snow and theground froze.I sold this home over the winter and told the new people about the parsnips , but they didn't get the gist and leyt them grow all summer.They were huge when I went by.Lovely posts, I work prairie restoration, but garden at home as well.


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