Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Need A Vacation ...

... From the wind and snow. Which way should I go?


  1. I would like to head south west myself to NM....just got another blast and more this week...sigh!!

  2. Any place warmer, sunny with a quiet beach and tepid sea! I hope you are able to fly south. ;>)

  3. When I watch the weather and the forecast is for lake snow east of the lake instead of south (which is me) I am happy :) Sorry!!!

  4. The latest issue of How to Find Great Plants is here and your jewelweed post is listed. It's one of my favorite native plants! Thanks so much for participating, I hope you will again next month. Here’s the issue:

    Hope you figure out where to go on that vacation!

  5. I confess I am in Mexico and this was a test to see if I could post a blog mobile. It worked! I hope to bring you some of the sights from Puerto Vallarta, although limited mobile, I think everyone can enjoy. Thank you appalachianfeet! It is a fun blog to participate in and I do hope to once I return.

  6. come visit me - although it's raining at the moment and a bit windy there's no snow. Enjoy Mexico, looking forward to seeing your holiday pics.

  7. I appreciate it very much, at least I know from it someone is reading the contents I have here.


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