Friday, February 4, 2011

Sun, Snow, and Shadows

1.29.2011 The sun shines today. It says to me pause, no matter how busy you are, and admire the beauty of this garden. Pay attention, it is not dead. Even though it is sleeping, it is full with life and sparkles in my light. Do you see spring? Stretching shadows, longer days.

Black Eyed Susans
Shadow from Arbor
Sea Holly 'Blue Glitter'
In the Potager
Sedum Maestro
Front Porch
Eastern White Pine
Astilbe Japonica 'Montgomery'


  1. I love the white pine photo - the contrast between the pine and the glittering snow is beautiful. I love love LOVE seeing the daylight stretch out too.

  2. Gorgeous ...such a magical post..beautiful!!!thanks for sharing your inspiring world!

  3. beautiful photos...thank you for the reminder to pause and pay just S of Oneida Lake we are seeing Herons and smelling skunks and the snow is melting fast even with the cold temps...I think we may have an early spring...

  4. I love those blue shadows of snow. Great shots of your winter landscape.


  5. Wonderful shadow play Violet Fern! I love them all but the front porch lattice creates quite an illusion . . . I get dizzy scrolling down! Beautiful captures of winter. It looks a great deal the same in my world.

  6. beautiful photos! when I saw the sea holly photo at first, because I saw only the top half, I thought it was against a cloudy sky

  7. Lovely photos. The shadows on the snow are so striking at this time of year. I love how winter opens us up to enjoying the simplest kind of beauty in the garden.


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