Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's Growing (The Plan)

I spent most of the day yesterday planning my potager as the snow continued (and continues) to fly. I'm going to order seeds to make it a brighter day. So, here's the plan:

Every year I sketch out my plan so that I can rotate crops and also companion plant where I can. Of course, I am expanding some of the beds (where I've marked new).

New things I am going to try this year: broccoli raab, veronica cauliflower, some new varieties of mustard greens, chinese choy and cabbage, scallop squash, dragon carrots, soy bean, tomatillos, and peppers. I have never had luck with peppers so this year I am going to pack them in and really concentrate on them. Both my husband and I enjoy spicy foods and hot peppers add such wonderful flavor. Any advice from you professional pepper growers would be much appreciated.

Now if the snow would just stop flying and begin to melt instead!


  1. We are getting a melt near Syracuse so hopefully you will see it the plan..I am also trying broccoli raab and several different types of peppers including hatch green chile peppers were not great from seed so I am buying organic plants except for the Hatch..those will be from seed...

  2. I am so impressed with your planning. I always look forward to your posts. I can not wait to see what everything looks like come Spring and Summer. I don't know much about vegetable gardening and how to use/save the crop without wasting it. I would love to hear how you accomplish that!

  3. hi tvf, how fascinating to see the plan then watch to see how nature will help you to realize it. i look forward to seeing what spring and summer brings. hopefully the snow will melt soon. cheers, cm

  4. The plans look great; I can almost taste all that wonderful home-grown produce! It's good that you have seeds to order. I know that impatient anticipation that follows having a plan ready to go -- when the ground is very definitely not ready to go. Keep warm; spring is coming. -Jean

  5. I love your plan with the little plants drawn on. Mine was quite dull by comparison as I just wrote names of plants - will try harder next year! I've never had much luck with peppers either. I have some chilli plant seeds which have just germinated so am hopeful this year


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