Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's Growing

What's not growing in the potager this month is squash. I did manage to harvest a few patty pan squash and will grow this again with more diligence. If I had paid closer attention I might have been able to save it. The price for my blinding neglect? Squash vine borer. It is my first year growing squash. I haven't before since it is so readily available at the Amish farms, but I just love the flowers and rarely see the patty pan variety. Big heavy sigh – at least I enjoyed a few. May all this year's squash rest in peace.

Last month I complained that my lettuces were ridden with insect holes. This month I now know I have flea beetles. Next year I will plan to plant my greens in between rows of garlic – a natural repellent plant. On the sunny side, maybe these beetles will attract a toad – a natural predator.

I have just harvested the garlic and more beets. Lots of beets.

Garlic chives are also blooming now.

The tomatoes are turning red and it's a daily cherry tomato harvest.

I have to say that this year my favorite crop is the tomatillos although they are sprawling all over the ground. Next year I will have to grow them with support. Tonight it's black beans with tomatillo salsa.

I even have jalapeno peppers this year to add to my salsa! The sweet pimento lipstick peppers are looking good but should turn red at the tips. Same goes for the cayenne peppers.

The basil isn't affected by the flea beetles at all. This week we had fresh pesto for dinner.

The Scarlet Runner Beans are now producing. They and Exotic Love Vine are now twining along the roof of the rustic arbor, but still no flowers on the Love Vine. This year I planted a Trumpet Vine at the base of the arbor. With our short season I am running out of patience with annual vines. I want flowers!


  1. Wonderful harvest. Squash was not great for me either or tomatoes but garlic, and hot peppers yum...

  2. A bountiful harvest. Foods always taste best when we grow them ourselves.

  3. I agree with Emma. The produce, fresh picked is unequalled. You have a nice selection too. I love beets and should have put some in the garden somewhere. They are my absolute favorites that store bought can not compare. Yours have made my mouth water.

  4. Your pasta with homemade pesto looks delicious! Despite the fact that you are disappointed with your harvest, it looks bountiful and impressive to me! I envy your fresh beans especially. Mine are bunny-chewed stubs! Like you, I plan to make changes and improvements next year. I must try to remember your tip to plant garlic as a pest deterrent.
    P.S. I have blue Culver's Root and love it. Next year I would like to add white.


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