Monday, May 10, 2010

How I Celebrated Arbor Day

Originally I planned to post this on Arbor Day which is celebrated the last Friday in April. I celebrated Arbor Day by, appropriately, planting trees! Little did I know then that the "cold" I was suffering on Arbor Day was actually bronchitis and is the reason why this post is a little later than planned.

The first tree I planted came in a box - yes, a box!

And the label said ...

Immediately! (Which is why I was not going to let that "cold" get in my way.) The tree arrived Thursday afternoon so I unwrapped and soaked my new tree overnight in a bucket in my shed.

Nice buds!

I prepared the site with some compost and peat moss. Eventually this will be part of a new, large bed.

Say hello to my new Serviceberry tree, Amelanchier Laevis. I cannot wait to see her leaves open and hopefully, flowers next spring. I chose this tree because it is native and provides a natural food source in the form of berries for a variety of birds in this area. I am watering it with a 5 gallon bucket with holes punched in the bottom. I read somewhere that new trees and shrubs should receive 5 gallons of water every few days to establish. This way, I know I am watering sufficiently.

I also planted another Arborvitae along the drive. You can see last year's growth on the one to the right which I planted last spring. I plan to extend this bed further down the drive and plant a third Arborvitae. I think of the Arborvitaes as "posts" on my living fence and in between them, I will have some substantial perennials. They are strategically placed in front of my neighbor's windows. I chose these trees because they are a classic in this area, hardy, evergreen, provide good cover for birds, and will not outgrow this narrow space.

Along the potager (kitchen garden) I am incorporating the same concept only with Alberta Spruce - also extremely hardy. It will be nice to have some winter interest and structure. These grow very slowly. The tree circled was my Christmas tree and I tried to overwinter it. Don't do that. I now know that it is true you should not try to overwinter a tree (even though the label offered instructions). If I get another this year, the hole will be dug out and the tree planted right after Christmas. You can see how it suffered compared to the one on the right. I hope it recovers. I hope I recover ... there is so much to do in the garden and it's very difficult to "rest," but I think I am going to make it!


  1. Oh, I do hope you are feeling better. Isn't it fun to imagine how beautiful your tree will be next year and the next, and the next....

  2. Looking forward to the progress with your serviceberry, great idea about the bucket.

  3. I am sorry you were sick. Hope you are feeling better. I think it is sort of healing to plant things, even in the cold so I bet you felt better because of that. Hope the tree does fabulously in that spot.
    I planted onions yesterday and feel sort of foolish because the box came three weeks ago and I forgot to plant them. There was a paper that said plant immediately. oops.

  4. Cool blog, it is never too late to plant anything with something in mind...I am hopefully planting seeds of hope with a festival I am putting on in August to raise money for Congenital Heart Disease...and lord knows we need the trees too...

  5. I love Serviceberries! Such pretty trees. That 5 gallon bucket idea is a great one and one that I'll use.
    I bet your neighbors appreciate the flowers out their windows.


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