Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Late Easter Basket

A couple of years ago my contractor of choice built me two of these beautiful nesting shelves. Supposedly robins prefer this type of nest box as well as phoebes and barn swallows.

Last year Mrs. Robin attempted to nest in the eaves of the shed instead, but this year she chose our front porch! (The nest boxes are still empty but I hope one day someone will move in.) Here she is through the window screen sitting in my rustic basket at our entry way. (She is on the left side of the basket and difficult to make out but I did not want to disturb her too much.)

Here is the basket she decided to redecorate. I had some pine cones in there that she tossed out. She seems to like the driftwood and the grapevine balls, however. I must admit, she has a decorator's touch.

Here are her eggs - true to the description "robin blue." There were at first only two eggs, then three when I took this sneak shot, and now there are four.

Once the grape vines leaf out on the trellis work, she'll be well hidden. There is a little bird bath just off the side for convenience. She doesn't seem to mind the morning paper delivery. I think of it as my late Easter basket.


  1. Robins seem to like nesting spots right up against a wall or the side of a building. I think it helps protect them from predators. For several years, I had robins build a nest in the mock orange bush outside my bedroom window. The nest seemed well hidden from sight, but every year the crows would wage a kind of blitzkrieg attack and steal all the eggs. -Jean

  2. At first, I thought it was a fake nest with fake eggs. Wow! How cool that she laid her eggs where you can view their progress :-)

  3. Thank you for commenting. I will try to keep you updated on her progress. She is busy keeping those eggs warm now for sure - we had a cold spell and even snow! Mr. Robin is always close by, too. I sure hope crows or cats or anything else do not find her out.


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