Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Robin Update

Some of you may or may not have read my "Late Easter Basket" post. In short, a Robin built her nest on my front porch in a rustic basket I have by the front door for decoration. Over two days, May 11-12, all four eggs hatched. Following are pictures of their progress. Some pictures are taken through the window, others by cracking open the front door. Some days the light (sun) cooperated, some it did not. Some pictures are taken at dusk so are a little dark and "speckled."

First born.

A bit bald. I think the one on the left might actually be a rooster.

Those eyes are just waiting to pop open.

Getting very hungry.

Getting BIG bird feathers - already!

Worm dinner!

Dad is always close by in the grape vines keeping watch. 
I've noticed he has a darker head or hood.


  1. How awesome is that!!! Too fun that you get to watch the little ones grow up!

  2. Thank you Madblooms! The Robins have all flown away. They spent a day on the porch hopping around and then spread their little wings in the big world outside. I saw one just yesterday all grown up and eating a worm!


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