Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In The Garden Today

I fully intended to offer you a project of the month today anticipating yet more rain and working inside my garden shed, but the day turned out to be beautiful! Sunshine and warmth ... the warmest day we have had so far, dare I say 80° F or more? So, of course, I dropped everything and headed outside to the garden but, oh so soggy! Not much to do when the ground squishes beneath your garden shoes and splashes mud on your feet and legs. So, I dragged up some potted plants who have suffered the winter in the cellar and are now enjoying the outdoors and, yes, more rain. Thunderstorms. How I love a good thunderstorm, so it is okay. But I had to share my daffodils, a drift of sunshine and warmth much like today.

Pine siskins also visited today and enjoyed the nyger seed – do you see them? They are on the hanging feeder. You'll have to trust my identification. I ordered mulch at our local nursery. Couldn't resist a low grow fragrant sumac and bluecrop blueberry. Out they sit in their pots in the garden waiting to be planted and enjoying the thunderstorms. How I love to listen to the rain at night. Peace to you.

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  1. Squishy in the garden here too...we have had 10 inches in April and I am done with the daily deluge although it is a peaceful sound at night...I need a bit of drying out down here though..I love the perspective of the daffs...


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