Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's Growing

Inside my seedlings continue to grow. The scarlet runner and purple hyacinth beans are really taking off. I've had to pot them up. I need to address the tomatoes next. They really should be potted up. The peppers are just starting. I had been putting all these seedlings outside on my covered front porch a couple hours a day for better sun but it has stayed so cold here that some of them actually shriveled right up and died! (Sort of like spring.) I have been keeping them indoors all day since then. Most bounced right back. Hopefully next week will warm up a bit. I am sure they can't wait to get their roots into the earth. How hopeful I am when I look at these starts and think of Earth Day. What better way to celebrate than to expand the garden, feed its soil and us, too!

Outside (in the near freezing cold) my milk jug plantings are just sprouting – so far hyssop and larkspur.

Back in the potager, things are starting to happen.


Garlic Chives & Chives

Snap Peas
This year I planted my peas really early after reading that in the Northeast, peas should be planted after St. Patrick's Day. I think that may be why my peas have not always done so well. Hopefully, this year, starting out in the cold (and it is c-c-cold), they will do better. We sure will find out!


  1. I planted my peas early has been too wet to go out and lok at them but will tomorrow..hopeful that they have have so much loks wonderful...

  2. My mouth is watering just thinking about all of those fresh veggies!

  3. Snap peas have to be planted very early here; it's almost summertime and my lettuce is bolting! I saw my cousin from New York today. He was complaining about the lingering cold weather. Surely your temps will warm up soon!

  4. Hi TVF, There is something so heartwarming about seeing those healthy determined little shoots push through into the light. Hope the weather warms up soon. cheers, catmint

  5. btw, wonderful quote from Longfellow, dripping is such an expressive word ...


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