Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blooming Blooper

I forgot to include Baptisia 'Twilite Prairieblues' among what's blooming and I must share it with you. It is now two years old and the colors of the blooms really do remind me of twilight and golden grass fields.

Bloom Day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens the 15th of each month. Visit Carol's blog and add your blog to the list so we can see what's blooming in your garden!


  1. I'm so glad you corrected your's well worth going back for! I agree that the colors resemble twilight. Very pretty!

  2. What beautiful flowers that certainly deserve the spotlight :-)

  3. I have Baptista australia in my garden but it obviously isnt very happy as just a few stems of leaves and no flowers!

  4. What a gorgeous bloom! Didn't realize 'til I hopped on here that I'd clean missed bloom day...again!

  5. Oh that is a really pretty Baptisia! I also just saw all your other bloom day pictures. I love the Goatsbeard, sure wish I had the room for one.

  6. Thank you! I am glad you all enjoyed. Hmmm, not sure why your baptisia isn't happy patientgardener. Mine receives a good dose of morning sun and is planted in clay cement that has received a couple layers of compost but not nearly enough. It is also protected from our prevailing wind. Catherine, I do believe Bluestone Perennials offers a slightly smaller 4' goatsbeard.


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