Monday, June 14, 2010

What's Bloooming

This Columbine is just about done now. I believe I brought this one with me from Maine. Not sure of the name.

Another Columbine. Not sure of the name of this one either. Some are light pink and others are very dark.

Geranium 'Espresso.' I just put this in last fall and can't wait to see it living large.

Cornus Cardinal Dogwood, two years old. It is planted next to the Blue Spruce to accentuate its bright red stems in winter.

Goat's Beard now in its second year.

A bumble bee enjoying white Jacob's Ladder against Chocolate (which would go well with some espresso!) Joe Pye, Eupatorium.

Jack in the Pulpit. It was given to me by my mother. They volunteered in her yard!

Evening Primrose surrounds the young Pin Oak.

Dancing Dianthus, Pixie Cheddar Pinks.

Black Lace Elderberry in its second year.

Clematis - I'm still guessing Nelly Moser.

Allium Caeruleum ready to bloom against 'Morning Light' Miscanthus.

Foxglove Apricot Beauty.

Foxglove Strawberry (hmmm, that would go really well with the chocolate and espresso!)

A surprise rose among the Deadly Nightshade in the new Rhubarb patch! How did that get there? I'll take it!

Husker Red Beardtongue.

Achillea Coronation Gold against a backdrop of May Night Meadow Sage.

I love to walk the garden everyday because everyday there is something new to see!

Bloom Day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens the 15th of each month. Visit Carol's blog and add your blog to the list so we can see what's blooming in your garden!


  1. Enjoying your photos and commentary very much...I was getting hungry from all the chocolate and strawberry references :-) We must share similar garden conditions because you grow many of the same plants that I do...looking forward to following your blog!

  2. Wow, your goatsbeard is already in bloom! Mine has buds, but it looks as though it will need another week or so before it blooms. I think I need to get that espresso geranium; it's gorgeous. -Jean

  3. everything looks beautiful and I bet it smells wonderful to.
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  4. We must have the same taste! I also have the baptisia, the espresso geranium, the same beardtongue, and the yarrow - and I covet the foxglove. Love all the rest you have as well!

  5. the strawberry foxglove is really dreamy. As is everything else. All different to my garden - I love them and have tried most of them at some stage but I think they needed more water than the sky gave them.

  6. Love the dark foliaged plants. You forgot to put a little Elderberry wine in your espresso:)

  7. Thank you! I just love your comments as my garden is relatively new and now I just want to plant more and more. Melody, ME of ALL people, should not have forgotten the elderberry wine! Thank you Ellen, for following my blog - hope I do not disappoint and that you are now enjoying some sort of tasty treat! Wendy, I need to visit your garden (blog). Catmint I am sure it is "WAY HOTTER"in your part of the world!


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