Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's Growing

Bush beans. Two varieties.  Purple Royal Burgundy has purple bean pods that turn green when cooked.

Jewel-toned beets - red, gold and candystripe.

Brussels sprouts, Jade Cross E.

Red cabbage, Ruby Perfection. This will become homemade sauerkraut.

Carrots, yellow and orange, Sunshine Mix.

Red cherry tomatoes, Sweetie, and a gold variety.

Northern pickling cucumbers tucked among nasturtium and marigold.

Fingerling potatoes. A first for me - unsure how/if the harvest will turn out.

Garlic! Hard and softneck varieties. The hardneck is just putting out scapes - yum, my first taste!

Lettuce mixes, Ovation Greens, Mesclun, Black Seeded Simpson. Picked fresh every night for dinner.

Peas. Can I have more, peas?

Rainbow radishes, Easter Egg II. These look ready!

Baby leaf spinach, Catalina.

Swiss chard, Multicolor Bright Lights.


  1. Wow does it look great in your vegetable garden! Everything looks so healthy. I'm trying beets for the first time, so far they've barely sprouted. Hope they look as good as yours as looking.

  2. Your veggie garden looks fantastic! Everything looks so hearty and healthy. I need to go give ours some undivided attention. YUM!!

  3. Thank you! This year I really tried to plan my vegetable garden: rotated the crop families and researched companion planting. I only add compost and peat moss (the peat moss for now because of clay), and do not till my soil but sort of work the compost and peat in with a shovel. This fall I also plan to try a cover crop. I will let you know how things work out. I should be harvesting beets any day!


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