Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tiki Tomatoes

My brother-n-law decided his tiki torches were looking a little run down and wanted to replace them with new ones. This is no small feat for him. I'm sure they show up in satellite photographs. Fortunately, nothing has tried to land from outer space in his backyard - so far. Anyway, I volunteered to take the old ones off his hands but not for holding tribal councils. My "contractor" (aka husband) cut off the torches for me. I then used the bamboo to build my mega tiki tomato cage. Can't wait to see these tomatoes grow up!


  1. You clearly have great ambitions for your tomatoes; is it fair to say that you've set the bar high? (These cages would have worked well for the tomatoes my father grew one year that he had to climb a ladder to pick.) -Jean

  2. I love re-purposing and seeing what you did with these old tiki torches. I recently saw a fence made out of bamboo and loved that too. Hope your tomatoes grow up big and strong!

  3. What a great idea! Your bamboo cages are attractive and look like they will do well for the most aspiring tomatoes.

  4. those look awesome! you will definitely have some happy tomatoes trellising up that.

  5. Grow tomatoes grow! I have set the bar high - ha, Jean. These are a variety of heirlooms I bought from a local organic farm. Last year I bought the same and they did really well - which is why I decided on a new tomato support. Let's hope they do again. I will pass along your comments to the plants for encouragement.


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