Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Butterfly Garden: Helianthus Microcephalus

... Small-headed Sunflower, a native. I planted three small plants last fall. WOW! From 5-6 inches to 5-6 feet in one year! This is THE star of the border in late summer/fall. I wanted to try a perennial sunflower and will be planting more! Oh, and it is a bee-stopper, too. The bees climb over each other to land on a flower - sometimes two, three at a time. A fair amount of butterflies - Whites, Sulfurs. (Not a great butterfly year here overall for Brush-footed, Swallowtails perhaps due to the unusual rain and cooler temperatures?) Also now that the blooms have faded, the gold finches are moving in for the seeds. If you want a big and bold attraction for the fall border, I would recommend this.

Mentioning bees, have you heard of the Great Sunflower Project? Check it out and receive free Lemon Queen sunflower seeds for your garden while helping bee research: the Great Sunflower Project


  1. What a fast growing plant! I love it when you don't have to wait too long for a plant to grow. Beautiful flowers too.

  2. What neat flowers, I've been seeing some similar to these blooming around here. Your post on your butterfly garden was amazing. Everything grew so fast. I found a Verbascum in my garden this year that looks just like the one you have. I think it was a gift from the birds since I didn't plant it.


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