Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Butterfly Garden: Verbascum Nigrum

First, thank you fellow blotanists for such a wonderful welcome!

There was one lonely, dry "stalk" by our shop door when we moved here - hugging the wall ... I let it be because I wanted to see what it was. The following spring it grew large leaves almost "foxglove-like" and then a new stalk appeared and began to form yellow buds. It turned out to be Verbascum Nigrum. AND when I started digging out this bed, there was a plant tag to prove it! This plant has really grown on me (hey, a pun) - apparently from England. It has seeded itself all over and I have successfully transplanted it although it gets pretty droopy for a week or so. How it originated here in this lot of a few Hostas and a Barberry shrub I will never know. I have never seen it in a nursery. I do know that the bees LOVE the flowers. It literally "buzzes" with blooms. It is now a major attraction in my Butterfly Garden. I would recommend this plant to any gardener with a natural style.


  1. Hey ViFern, Nice to see a new blog born. Way ta go. Blotanical is full of folks whose "eyes won't glaze over". To be honest I've been in the Hort. trades for a long time and then took a few years off. My interest was piqued again a year or so ago and Blotanical just fed the fire and added a new dimension. I 'll be very interested to see your garden plan continue to take shape. Keep on postin'

  2. I love Verbascum. I first saw some when we were vacationing in Wales. I took a lot of pictures of it since we cannot grow it here in the desert. So beautiful!

  3. Lovely. What sort of butterflies does it attract?

    I found you through Blotanical too. hope we'll see you around there a lot!


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