Friday, October 16, 2009

In The Beginning, There Was Lawn

This is where I begin. My sketchbook - and sketchy it is. It goes way back to my garden in Maine. It's fun to flip through. I add notes, plants, conditions. It's good before bed when your head is spinning to empty out all those ideas - maybe sleep instead of going out to the garden with a headlight. We moved into this house in October and being in the "North Country" not much gardening was going to happen until Spring. So, I actually watched the sun - where it landed in the morning, the afternoon. And the wind (and wind there is!) - what was protected, what was swept away. Come Spring I had a pretty detailed plan of the whole yard and a list of great plants I wanted to try. BUT there is always room for improvement (and more plants). So, I just took some pictures of "lawn" that I would like to get rid of next year. In January and February when I am feeling the "itch" I will print out copies of the photos, sit down with my sketch book and "plan" more garden. Flip through some mail order catalogs, find even more plants that I want to try and place an order so I feel like I'm doing something. Hey, the sketch above is of the backyard on the opposite side of the Butterfly Garden ... but first I needed a place to store my "garden stuff" since we converted our garage into our office/shop.


  1. I love this. I also have a spiral notebook full of sketches going back years -- but mine's on graph paper because I have the world's worst spatial reasoning skills. I sometimes get up and sketch in the middle of the night when my head is so full of garden ideas that I can't sleep. -Jean

  2. I wish I was so organized to have eveything in a sketchbook, I tend to have lots of scraps of paper. They seem to be the only thing around when I have an idea!

  3. My sketchbook is very similar too... Only I never actually do what I plan! :)

    I think I enjoy designing and playing around more, but when I actually begin to do the work, and I'm in situ that I realise things may look better in a different place...

  4. I wish you could show us more of your sketches.


  5. I don't think that a garden is every finished - it is always a work in progress.....

  6. What a great idea. There are many nights I sit and think about ideas for the garden or plants I want to try. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with the lawn area. I'd love to get rid of more in our front yard.

  7. Thanks so much for your comments (I just figured out how to post my own comments). So great to know there are other garden sketchers out there and always great if I've shared something that will inspire another gardener!


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