Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shed Stills

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day and I thought I would let you see through the window of my shed ... the hickory nuts have disappeared. I am sure one of my "wascally" squirrels has planted them for me. The garlic I planted - a first for me - in my new "potager" which I will dig into in a future post. It is from a local organic farm, Cross Island Farms so I figure it will be hardy here. We'll find out, won't we?


  1. Darn squirrels. :0
    I love these still lifes. The shovels are one of my favorites!

  2. I enjoyed the photos from your shed. I could almost imagine myself standing inside...

  3. Great stills. The mood in the shed is palpable.

  4. What encouragement to put my tool shed in better order! I started by putting away the rake after I raked pine straw and the pruners after I used them. Fall is a busy time.

  5. What a great shed, and I love the pictures. It looks so neat and organized.

  6. Nice blog. It was a beautiful fall day and your shed looks great. Thanks for sharing the pic. Iflorist.co.uk

  7. Really sensitive, photos...lighting is everything isn't it?

  8. Beautiful shots!! The one of the shovels caught my eye first, and drew me into the rest...


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