Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spiced Up Sidewalk

This tiny patch of lawn in front was just begging to be dug up! And so it was.

I planted creeping phlox (brought with me from ME), dianthus, hens and chicks (plucked from a nearby apartment), a mungo pine, thymes and even some chives (also from ME) as this area gets FULL sun. A lamb's ear sprouted up (maybe from ME) and I encouraged it. (Some bulbs were thrown in there, too, for the next spring.) I got a little carried away and dug up some more lawn on the other side and started reshaping the front bed ... anyway, these plants should do well with minimal watering.

It filled in nicely right away.

I was surprised to find some petunias (red) and snap dragons from the nearby baskets - fun! And I sprinkled some alyssum seeds in there to see if they would like it - they did.

I had a little trouble at first with the neighborhood dogs - we have a number that "walk themselves." But a little cayenne or chile pepper sprinkled around this tiny patch does the trick! Too much for those sensitive noses. So, I encourage you to "spice up" your sidewalk.


  1. What a great little garden! It certainly shows how taking out some grass can brighten up the front landscape.

  2. Your garden looks great, I wish more people would get rid of their lawn (especially when it was so tiny) and plant something like this. It is a treat for anyone walking by as well.

  3. Hi,
    It did look great as it filled in. I like your combination of plants. Looks great!

  4. What a cute little space, just perfect for a garden!

  5. Great litle vignette, Ilove it!

  6. Beds look so good and happy. What a treat for those walking by to see these beds. Glad you figured out how to keep the dogs fromenjoying them.

  7. What a great tip with the cayenne .. I'm going to try it for my own dogs

  8. Lovely! Do you think the cayenne will work for cats? I love cats but not when they roll in my flower beds!

  9. I have huge containers of cayenne pepper that I use for animal deterrents in the garden. Works on squirrels and cats too!

  10. Thank you so much for all your comments! Yes, cayenne works on cats, too (and also squirrels according to Sylvana)! Cats seem to think my newly dug out beds are public kitty litter boxes - so on goes the spice! You do have to re-apply it after rain, etc. After a while I don't have to apply at all. Thanks again. On to digging up more lawn.

  11. You did a great job! I like what you added to your little garden space. I enjoyed looking at your blog! :) -Amy

  12. Lovely upgrade to such a boring sidewalk. great job!


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